Thursday, August 10, 2006


Ah... It's already one month that I am in the "new" gym... and I still feel a lot of joy when I think about it... Its not only for the sport per si but also for the relax :-D

So... today I went to water class (that I love more and more) and made some pictures of my class... the main idea was to take a picture of the view from the pool... (you can see the Pedra do Grajau... what is a quite nice view ;-) ) but once the camera was there... so you can feel all my joy ;-) or at least have some fun with me :-P

so check out in:

Well... but I am not the only sporty one... Pieter now is dedicating himself into biking ;-) new racing bike, new bike tools... and he is enjoying quite a lot (what is no surprise once he already bike as a mean of transportation... :-P , so add up the speed ;-) ) plus the place where he passes through... wow!!! You can also check in:

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