Thursday, May 22, 2008

back in NL

So... my vacation period is done! (yeah right :-P in fact... tomorrow I am going to Triste... then in two weekends I will go camping... and in mid june, to Paris... though... Paris I am going at work ;-) what a nice work... sometimes it pay off ;-))... anyway...
My Holliday season is really done for the next 5 months to come... Looking forward to October ;-)

Spending time in Rio was great! The weather wasn't all as I expected... but it was good enough... good to bring my color back!
See my family was amazing! going out together... + see friends and taste the good Brazilian food! :-D nhame!!!!

Now I am back in ams... and... I have to confess, talking about weather, I don't have to complain about it! It was coldish when I first arrived... around 16C but the weather just improved... and today we reached the 22C :-D

Tuesday I came biking to work... felt a bit cold with the wind... but not much in the way back... when btw, I subscribed to a gym close by! (after 2 weeks of feijoadas and cachacas... I need to loose some weight! :-S)
Today I came walking... incredibly close by! And under 22C... this time I felt no cold at all! ;-)

But... if I have nothing to complain about the weather... the same I can't say about the food! (don't miss understand me: Food at home is always good! and btw... now we have a juicer!!! juices at all the times!!!! :-D ) but the food at nikhef it just gets worse and worse... and as I just came back from my lunch time... (which was outside to enjoy the sun - in my face???) I have to ask: what was that? My dish should be called: "Cause potato is never enough!" I had boiled potatoes with mashed potatoes and some veggie deep fried thing... in which we had (not potatoes, thank God!) rice... Could the dish be any worse???
Well... as I was hungry... and in here, far from anything (is like be hired by CBPF but be located in Ilha do Fundao... this describes well for the Brazilian readers...) I ate as much as I could... and I am guessing I will never hungry again!

Having said that...
It's time for me to go back to work!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sex X love

So... does this means that in the end... women make sex while men make love?


Monday, May 05, 2008


Hello hello!

So we are in may... and I am finally having some real time off!
I am in Brazil!!!! :-D

Last few days were very busy!
Even though it was holliday in Nl... we had parties to attend... moving to do... and the Queen's say to enjoy!
This did led me to days without much sleep! Going to bed at 5am... 3am... and wakin up between 9am and 10am...

After the moving... I had too little time to arrange the house... I've done just a bit... and Pieter did the rest (meaning that the house is still a mess :-P ) and the day after the Queesn's day I cam to Brazil!

The flight was ok... one hour till Paris... where I spent the night in the IBIS hotel, cause of techinical problems... then in te next day the fliht left with one hour delay... another okey flight... but with loads of smallville in my ipod to watch! ;-)
And then... finally at 1600 I was in Brazil!!! hugging my family! :-D

The days up to here were also busy!
After my arrival I went home for a shower and then straight to the restaurant to celebrate my arrival and my father's birthday!
The next day we went to Leblon... had a nice time... and sunday morning I ran!!! :-D

Now I am resting... and feeling pain all over my body... but feeling happy and relaxed... (even though I miss my baby a lot...)

so... enjoy some of my pictures up to here ( and stay tuned for more news! ;-)

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