Wednesday, March 11, 2009

... I am still alive...

... but I am waiting for the up moment to come back!

My weekend was horrible!!! as in fact my friday too!!!
And this week is up to no good!
Nothing seems to work fine, it is way too cold and wet, I cant run under such rain or freezing wind... I can't wait to come back to Amsterdam... at least when is cold like this there, I have someone to warm me up... here all I have is...

Ah! But I did find I bakery that has the most amazing chocolate donuts ever!!!

So, I am down, and work looks like sh*t... but I do have amazing hands!!! (by friday I got me a new hand cream) and some sweet to warm me up!
Who know... luck turned a week ago... it is time to turn back...

In meanwhile you can enjoy my view!

1 comment:

  1. Nice view! :-S

    maar niet heus! ;-)


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