Friday, March 06, 2009

ups and downs

Ah... the ups and downs of a week!

Well, as some of you know, I am in Erlangen... came to spend a couple of weeks to work with the software group in here...
I've arrived last sunday evening and went straight to the hotel with a package of salad and a bottle of coke... even though the first thing I saw, once out of the train station, was a big mall, and some stores, it was sunday 6pm and most of everything was closed down.

The ride was fast (the taxi one, the train one was a total of 8hrs... Thank God the German trains are spacious!!! :-) )... and the hotel looks good!
Well, the hotel is close to a high way but it has good windows, I can't hear anything from inside the hotel... and even being in the middle of nowhere, it does have some basic needs close by, like a market, a pharmacy, one restaurant and bus stops!

By tuesday I started "running" in the mornings! And gave up coke! (yes... again... I need to make sure I will still fit in my dress by may!!!)
And since monday I've been able to get up at 7:15! (I need those 15min to lazy in bed convincing myself I do need to get up and "run")

And so, for my astonishment,  by thursday, I've notice that I am glowing! A health glow that I didn't know it was really truth! (hahahha)

Anyway... as it goes, ups and downs, ups and downs (is all ups and downs)... today is friday (I still got up at 7:15 and went "running") and I am in this middle of nowhere (Pieter can only come next weekend, but hecomes! :-D ) and it is raining and it is dark and grey and I do suffer from SAD, and I don't have my lights with me...

Even though I ran, I had my hot shower and a nice breakfast and work seems running smoothly... I am crying all over the place! and feeling like s**t! With horrible hands and nails...

It is all ups and downs, ups and downs...

But ok!
The working day should get to its end, soon, and nothing that a visitation to a mall, full of lights and nice food, won't solve it! (I hope... cause this weather came to stay!!! and is not even 13th yet!!! :-O )

Well well well...
So, a happy friday night to everyone... and I will try to make the best of it ;-)

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