Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hello my dears...
Today I've tried my hand at baking again. Yeah, that's right! It wasn't my first time. ;-)
I have to say, no modesty at all :-P , I am a very good baker...! Unfortunately my oven doesn't allow me much... (if you don't believe check on here!)

Anyway, I've decided to do cupcakes (as 27 minutes ago, w
as still the 16th of may and I am married for 4 months.... and at least the first year come along, I want to celebrate every month! than I can shorten to twice a year, as I've had two parties ;-) )

The cupcakes were delicious! :-D
I am very satisfied with it! Pieter helped, of course ;-) After all, it is his celebration too! ;-)

Here are some pics for you, from our first attempt.
(hopefully on the second one the cakes will grow up more ;-))

cupcakes before topping

cupcakes with toping...
Sweet dreams to all...

PS.: receipt here.

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  1. Not bad for your first attempt...btw, if u don't use the cupcake holders made out of aluminum foil, the paper ones hold their shape better if u put them in muffin tins... I like how u decorated them w/hearts!. how sweet!. happy anniversary.


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