Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Lunch Time

Monday Lunch Time
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And another week start...

As far as I know, mondays are gray days all around the world, so it is up to us to find something to make our mondays a bit more bright...

For me, today, was a nice lunch break! :-)

For some weeks now, there is this new cafe place close to my house, called "koffie oost", that I so much wanted to try it out but didn't have the time... So today was the day!
I've biked from work, and had a stop for this gorgeous thing! :-D
Yes... it was delicious!

And you, what do you do to bright your day up?


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  1. OMG That looks delicious!! Mjum mjum! Good for you, that you could brighten up your monday this way!

    I went for a jog and did surprisingly well!! That was very nice. And I watched Private Practice, which was good. But somehow I always cry because of the stupid storylines. I just tell myself it's good for my pores! :-D

    Have a great day, sis!!


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