Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Job - Part II

We stay... not because we don't know how to do something else...
We stay cause we don't WANNA do anything else!

Dr. acsaj

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Aerosmith - Pink
Pink it´s my new obsession
Pink it´s not even a question
Pink on the lips of your lover, ´cause
Pink is the love you discover

Pink as the bing on your cherry
Pink ´cause you are so very
Pink it´s the color of passion
`Cause today it just goes with the fashion

Pink it was love at first sight, yea
Pink when I turn out the light, and
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is going to be all right
No matter what we do tonight

You could be my flamingo
´Coz pink is the new kinda lingo
Pink like a deco umbrella
It´s kink - but you don´t ever tell her

Pink it was love at first sight
Pink when I turn out the light
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is going to be all right
No matter what we do tonight

I want to be your lover
I wanna wrap you in rubber
As pink as the sheets that we lay on
Pink is my favorite crayon, yeah

Pink it was love at first sight
Pink when I turn out the light
Pink it´s like red but not quite
And I think everything is going to be all right
No matter what we do tonight

wake up light!

So... I have this wake up light in my room (see picture above)...
And I am very impressed in how this light really works!!!

So... I've been using for something like two weeks... every day (in between 15min to 30min before my alarm comes off) the light starts to come on, slowly and in steps.. from very soft to as bright as you want... and as alarm I have bird sounds coming on!
It's very relaxing... I wake up always feeling rested and well...
But wait... it's not only this! ( :P for the ones who got it ;-) )
And most important... it got me a fixed time to wake up every day, even without the alarm!

I really enjoy!

... and talking about lights... I also got (in fact, I didn't get anything... it was all given to me :-) even better) an Energy Light (picture above). For a light therapy (I did miss the sun!!!).
It also has its advantages!
It's like faking summer afternoons!
So... while outside is cold and grey... you inside has this amazing strong "warm" light coming on you!
Surprisingly (for me) I do enjoy it too!

anyway... continuing in the light subject... I think i *should* mention that the weather is finally improving in here! Even when it is cold... at least the sun is shining and sky is blue!
AND I am finally hearing other birds than the crows!

Spring is here! :-) and I love it!

(... so PHILIPS... here I've just done it 2 free advertisements for you! ;-) )

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

can't sleep!

Yeah... see?
Now you know I am going crazy... according with my laptop, it's 23:25... but since this is brazilian time and I am not there... sighs... that's what happen when I go to bed before midnight...
... and I just got kicked out of my room for doing too much noise with the keyboard... People are so selfish!!! :-(

... anyway... I can't sleep... tired of turning side to side in my bed... and starting a heavy headache... I've decided to get up and check my jobs!... another sign that I might be going insane... :P and I see it that it is still running!!! :-O and no... I am not happy with it! Whay is it f***cking taking so long to simulate stupid 10 events!!!????

.... so, unable to sleep and to work... I've decided to write here...
well... end of last year I've finished reading "Anna Karenina", a very good book, very well written and kept on going... and wanting more... but unfortunately... after I've finished I was devastated! Such a sad ending!!! So I've decided I should get me some easy reading... and fun... so I could cheer up a bit! ;-)
I am reading it together some philosophy books... so... some fun chick lit in between sounds like a good deal... and since I am junkie TV without one... (even though I just got even with my favorite series and am now waiting for them to restart over...)... this sounds like a very good trade for me... ;-)

... anyway... while looking for some nice books to read... I bumped into this "Holly's Inbox" book/site.... and as described before... I ended up reading the site.... loving it... and buying the book.... and after all was finished... I was really waiting for the site to come back on its activity!
What a deception! :-(
The site started again... and I have to confess... I DON'T LIKE IT!!!
I am sorry for the fans of it... but I NEED to work... and me, myself, already have 3 to 4 emails to check it (I can maybe go down to 2 in daily basis... but still 2 inboxs of myself!) so I DON'T need another inbox to be checking on it!
The messages take long to come out... the history evolves so slowly.... it's very frustrating...
So, I had to give it up on the daily basis... it's just not for me!!!
I keep imagining how the people in that community have time to read it in work basis, chat and work at the same time... (and for what I know... they are NOT teenagers with spare time to kill!)

... going on... anyway... the site is still a lot of fun (for me) in a weekly basis... (if a too boring day... in the end of the day... when a group of emails is already piled up!)... and today... or better, yesterday... as all mondays... gray and boring... when I've decided to check on it... they just got a new toy in it! An iphone site!!! Where now you can check sms's too!!!! (I have to admit it... I liked it!!!)
I wonder how it did happen on saturday (or friday night) when it was supposed to have come live... BUT I do have live! And I was living it... still... was a nice surprise for my monday!

*** still not sleep at all ***

Going on... I've read "Innocense" from Katheleen Tessaro... and I loved it!!! The book kept me on going... the story is nice and evolves through the years... in a past to present basis... I really really liked... so I've started reading another book of hers, "The Flirt"... still... very well written... BUT... it looks like written by a guy... didn't like it too much... I am getting boring... she lost a bit in this last one (for my taste)... so I gave it in a break... and started reading another one... indicated by a firend (thanks Miruna!) called "Summer in the City" by Robin Sisman. I've just started... but it is going pretty well...

Another one... that I have by my bed head (together with my Sofie's world... which I really enjoy!!!) is one called "A girl for all Seasons" by Camilla Morton. I got the hard cover edition... and it looks like a "fashion bible". It's like having those glamours, cosmopolitans magazines for the whole year long... (without ads...) and with good cultural tips and hystories...
I really enjoy this one!!! It's good for all times! And plus... it mention so many nice books! and quotes...

*** ai ai ai ***

well... its around 5am now... maybe I should just start up with breakfast (I am so not sleep that I was wondering starting washing the dishes...) or try to sleep for three hours more at least...

hope all are having a good night sleep...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I hate sundays...

... I hate the days before monday!

and all mondays are the same: GREY!!!!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Job!

Monday, April 07, 2008


... when I first went back to Brazil, I completely forgot to change the time of my blog page...

Not that it really matters, at least I though at the time... till my friend asked me if I was ok... since I wrote, at 6am, that I was just coming back from the gym and starting working...

To write this at 6am... Can you imagine what time would I have woken up and worked out!!!???
No.... that's not me! :P

So... now... for this kind of thing don't repeat... I am finally changing my timing for the Amsterdam time ;-)

So... my readers will be able to realize when I am going really crazy... ;-) :-P
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