Tuesday, April 07, 2009

aging is a pain...

... and what a pain!

When I was in Erlangen I've engaged in morning activities for the n th time... I was able to go with it for a week only, as I got sick in the second week (maybe working out is a pain :-S)... anyway... during this week I've noticed I was more energetic, I felt healthier (and of course I did cut the coke... which in comes and goes it is restrict at some weekends and very stressed weekdays times...). Summarizing, I felt great!

Unfortunately I didn't have really time to keep up once I was back and gone again...

But today I started over... and I have to say... ALL I FEEL IS PAIN!
My legs hurt, my arms hurt and even my head is hurting (in fact exploding)...

Or working out is in fact some form of self-torture or getting old is really finally here... :'(

aninha... (wishing she had never got out of bed today!)

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