Friday, April 24, 2009

Isn't it the cutest thing ever??? (thanks Eleonora, to tease my need for new gadgets :-P )
And look at this advertisement!!!!

"The world’s lightest1 8" notebook, the 1.4-pound2 VAIO® P Series Lifestyle PC does more than you could imagine–with impeccable style. Email at the airport, IM from the park, or just show it off when you want some attention. Traveling to a new city? Turn-by-turn GPS navigation will get you there faster. Best of all, it fits right in your purse or jacket pocket."

"Fashionable and flashy, this ultra-portable Lifestyle PC makes a statement wherever you go. Choose from four colors, each inspired by the crystalline shimmer of natural gemstones."

Now, all I can think is: I NEED ONE!!!
(even though I have a Mac (and a toshiba) and a BB... but hey!!! the more the merrier ;-) )

... for more information take a look at here...

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