Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Just Life

Yesterday I woke up in the morning, put on my gym clothes and went to the gym...
50min later, with that good feeling after a good workout (which some time later would become a pain feeling, still following me today after the second day of heavy burn) and I was shopping for food, arranging the laundry, having a more complete breakfast, making lunch and getting ready to go to work...

At work, all normal... normal day going by, headache, noises outside and codes talking in codes with you...

The day pass by, we have diner, we play a bit... and I am tired... (adjusting to a morning schedule puts in bed early) and then... then my phone rings...

Is Luciana! My friend is calling my from Brazil. :-) great!
And she has AMAZING news! She just got a job, in SALVADOR! and she is moving there on monday! Yes! Next monday!

WOW!!! Salvador, by the beach!

Way to go girl!
Good Luck! And enjoy it there!
You deserve!

And so it is... those things that you don't expect and change your life and you embrace it!

That's it: just life!

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