Monday, July 27, 2009


As you, my oldest followers, know very well... I HATE insects!!!
Which is a pain, cause there is no summer without them!

This year I made a huge effort to pass the summer without touching on the subject of insects!
I've ignored the countless times they went into my eyes, fell from the wet trees on my head, buzzed around me and disturbed my outdoor time!

But today I had enough! :-O
It is kind of impossible, without airco, to not open the windows, and windows open are like an invitation...
Today I had wasps, flies and bees buzzing around the house... and weird unidentified black-like-wasp insects stalking me!
So I need to put it out! I HATE insects...

So... phew! There it is! :-D
Now I can stay a few more posts without complaining about those BUGS...
But don't get too comfy... as on thursday I am leaving to Brazil, where is always summer, and we always have insects.... and spend my honey-moon in a lovely cozy hotel inside a forestal reserve! ;-)

'till next complain,

PS.: who said insects can't be glamorous? Click here or here to check more pics! ;-)

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  1. Ladybirds are so pretty.But just as annoying as any other insect lol.


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