Thursday, August 27, 2009

fading away...

view from my balcony
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Summer is slowly fading away...
The days are not as sunny as before... not warm as before...
But still, the days are long, not that cold... and inviting for a stroll in the park! :-)

Summer is getting to an end, soon fall will fall and the leaves will be gone... and this nice view from my balcony will be traded by "dead" trees and brown grass...

At the same time fall is just a warning that winter is coming, I can't lie I am looking forward to it. I love the color of the leaves during fall, as I love the bloom during spring!

That is something about me people might get it wrong... I love summer! But more than that, I always look forward for between seasons: spring and fall! That is something magical about them that is impossible to explain!

And you?
What is your favorite season of the year?



  1. oh, i see your pt... without the other seasons- dormant ones how could we ever have spring and summer? I like fall because of the leaves that change... but Spring and the beginning of summer is my faves.

  2. Spring! :-) I like spring because for no reason at all I feel like I'm in love. Even better if that's really the case, but somehow I can't really control that. :-D But I like fall too! Since in that season is my b-day.... very important! Hihi.

    But secretly I like long sundays with blizzards outside, hot coco and a nice movie inside too.


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