Sunday, August 30, 2009


The weather here in Amsterdam it came back to the usual shower-rain!
Last night Pieter and I went to the rental place and came back home under such a strong pouring rain!!! The drops came down so cold and so strong that my head was hurting!!!

And now, tonight, the same thing!!! :-(
We went out with some friends to the uitmarkt and when was time to come back home we came back under such strong shower!!! (and by bike!!!)

We were soaked wet!!!
Anyway, now I am inside, all dry and warm, ready for an horror movie and some hot chocolate and then I remembered about this post! And hey!!! Isn't it a great idea??!!
Those rainy boots are very practical and nowadays they are also VERY CUTE!!! ;-)
Think I will be getting a pair soon enough for me! :-)

Hope you all in a warm place right now...
(even if this means under the covers inside your place ;-) )
... enjoying a wonderful weekend!



  1. It's a sunny winter's day today. Quite different from there, but it's Ok, you're together.

  2. I love my boots for gardening!

  3. I love rain boots! I blogged about them yesterday and I've been looking for a website that ships internationally. do you know a website where I can get a pair, I would greatly appreciate it! :)

    thanks and have a beautiful day! :)


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