Friday, August 28, 2009

Meu momento paparazzo

Meu momento paparazzo
Upload feito originalmente por ana_assisjesus
Those pictures are from last year... but they make me so happy all the time I look at them, that today I've decided to share them with you!

Todays is one of those days, when I have a headache and I am all moody... (but I am not wearing sunglasses at home, neither reading a nice book, but a bunch of papers - or at least trying - to go the figure link to read the description ;-) )... But gladly I have my *dreamy* with me to cheers me up!

I am glad that this week is over and weekend is coming... The come back home, from home, wasn't very easy on me, in all ways...
But life is like this and most follow its course!

Vou aproveitar para deixar aqui um beijo IMENSO para meus pais e meu irmão que estão no Rio!
And lovelies wishes for a wonderful weekend to all of you!



  1. LOL, I like them too... The colors are rustic and rich!. Have a good weekend.


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