Monday, January 05, 2009

back to work

New Year is here!
but somethings don't change... and after the end/begin of year parties, is time to come back to work!

Today is the first working day of the year for me, and for lots of other people too (of course... I am not complaining... some people never stopped :P)... anyway... I am back at nikhef!
And, since my weather forecast from my laptop decided to lie to me and tell it was 4C, instead of -4!!! :-O I came by bike!!!

I was freezing all my way to here!!! And still has the way back! Cold freezing wind and slippery floor!!! :-O OHMYGOD!!!!
And now... I find out tomorrow will vary between -7C and -14C!!! :-O

well... not need to know... if someone see a ball rolling down to science park amsterdam, tomorrow, is me!!! :P

Happy New Year to all!!!
aninha (hibernating her bike until springs says hello!)

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