Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am on a workshop in Heidelberg, and here IS cold! 
Not cold like Amsterdam last week, when we had a thin layer of snow, during one day, on the streets, but colder with a really *thick* layer of snow on the floor, and on the roofs too, that last for days... (before I arrive and still here)
It is so cold that when on the train station, at night, outside, I was afraid my feet were going to freeze down! And this because I am using thick thick socks and velvet boots with "warm" inside!
Anyway... despite the cold, today was a very bright sunny day... the city looks cute... I have galeria in front of my hotel, the room is amazing AND the workshop looks good!

But... I need to say something about MPI... I though Ilha do Fundão was in the middle of nowhere... well, it is an island (ilha) but MPI IS is the middle of nowhere.. so in the middle that only ONE bus goes until there... and with very specific times... and with no way out (unless you have car or call a cab) after 7pm! 
Comparing now... Ilha do Fundão is in the middle of the city!!! hahahahah (well... it is an University city... )


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