Sunday, March 12, 2006

caffeine addicted

ok... sighs...
It took me a long time to admit this, but... I AM ADDICTED TO CAFFEINE!!!

First was the soda... I couldn't live without coke... then I passed to the strongest tea that I found... and since tea has not enogh caffeine I needed to bags of tea at the same time and drinking it the whole day... so I came back for the coke...

Then I came back to Rio and changed the coke to guarana... that also has not enough caffeine so I needed to drink the whole day intercaling with tea.... (not to hot here... :-P )

Now finally I decided to cut the soda out! and... I've been drinking coffe almost everyday (except when I try out a soda again... :-S ), and cold chocolate and cold tea/mate...

Do caffeine fanatic have cure? :-P
Or should I ba happy that at least in Brazil I have good coffe ;-)

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