Thursday, March 16, 2006

Graduation Day!

Ao Pedro II tudo ou nada? TUDO!!!
Entao como eh que eh? TABUADA!!!
3 X 9 27
3 X 7 21
menos 12 ficam 9
menos 8 fica 1
zum zum zum
Pedro II

Today was my brother's graduation day :-D
I am so happy for him!!! It was a very nice cerimony and the speakers spoke ( :-P ) very nicely about how hard it is to move on (and this is for all your life... not only when you finish your high school and start college, but also when you finish college and move on...), the friends that you made, some of them you are going to keep but others you are going to loose touch...

It was nice... and he also studied in CPII so the graduation was in the same place where I had my graduation!!! :-) and yes... I am also an ex-CPII student, so I was emotional also... *blush*

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