Wednesday, March 15, 2006

killer heater!

This can't be!!!
It's not possible!!!
Nobody deservs!!!!


The heater at my house is crazy and has "murder" feelings...

When I first came back, in December, pay VERY attention, 3 months ago... the heater was very weak... so it never got hot... in fact not even warm, but COLD!!! and I HATE cold shower...
Then now, 3 months later, after some nice warm showers and baths, it went crazy... first after you finally get it in the RIGHT TEMPERATURE it turns off, I mean, is still there on, but the water is FU#@%@% COLD and then when you try to warm up a bit more it BURNS you!!! BURN BURN BURN!
And stays oscilating between cold and burning forever... and when it burns it also does an "exploding" sound!!! :-0

Nobody deservs!!!

1 comment:

  1. Is this the part where "simple things make a difference in your life"? :-P ;-)

    poor you...


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