Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Monday at the University

So finally I got my computer working... after, what? I don't know... months!!! so they took two weeks and bought some new pieces for it and putting it working!
It's like new!!! :-)
The boys did a good job, but probably they hate me now, hihihi... after so manys "can you fix this? can you fix that? this is still not working :-( "
But now is working and seems really good!!!

So, today I finally went to work at UERJ, and I brought to my blog a view (no, is not the view of my office, sighs) from the university... Is the view that I have from one of the ends next to my department... and btw, is at this balcony that I talk by phone with my love... "ai ai...."

So... let's see till when I will still be happy at my office ;-)
Nice week for all of us!

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