Friday, March 31, 2006

My new photo-blog

Today I've started a new blog... so now I have three in total... but I've not been using the fotola anymore has a long time... but still I have nice passages there... like my birthday, one third of Alaska trip, GC... and another nice moments in my life!!!

But today I've started a new photo page... that is also a blog...
But this one will be a blog only for the pictures from trips...

Today I've put my one day trip to Vassouras... but soon I will update Alaska, GC, Paraty, Arraial and Rio parties!!!

So for now have fun with Vassouras... and soon we'll have more ;-)

Monday, March 27, 2006

hung over days are all the same...

It doesn't matter if it is really a real alcoholic hang over or just a normal party hung over they are all the same... sighs...

So... My saturday was great!!! For the week I will put some pictures on the web...
Friday I came home after a small celebration, talked with my love via webcam!!! :-D Watched a movie and went to sleep... then on saturday i woke up at 7:15 and around 10:00am me and my parents were heading toward Vassouras...
The trip was very nice!!! yeah... we got kind of lost, but anyway it was good and funny and we had a nice day and evening!!!
Then when we got home I was still in time to say 'good night' to my love and at 0:00 I went to Alejo's party with my girls (I will stop call them the girls since tecnically I am one of the girls ;-) )
It was nice see him again, we met him at Fermilab and now he is leaving in Rio... nice...

I dunk a bit... didn't stay too long... came home and slept till noon...

But then... today is the hung over day! Not because of the beer, but cause of all the week... work done, work to be done... so I am all lazy and I intend to spend the day all lazy like that... in fact I have a pretty good plan about that... something get out of hand... but ok! hung over days are not to be planed just pass throught it... ;-)
Then I lost my baby on the webcam... sighs... :'(
ok ok... so... tomorrow I will have to wake up early and I will be 'kind of way' cause of the Lishep school ( so I decide to take a quick look in my reports and fix them... and what happen? just read:

*:hey... we have a situation... the report crashes and the data is on the data base... Can you please fix it?
*slave student: hey... I fixed the reports the problem was the quotes can you not put more quotes anymore... ? you have two quotes and one quotes... and my program can't see the difference and crashes... now is fixed but if you put now like 4 quotes you will have to delete them!!!
*:hey... we have a problem... the the program is crashing again... Can you fix it? soon?
*slave student: ok... I will simple since I did in the other one..

So... Let's see:

"but... Fu*^&%&% what did they do now?
ahhh damn!!! they changed the quotes AGAIN!!!!!!"

Tell me what should I answer??? (go Fu^()*)&*^% fix yourself!!!!)

so... hung over days are always hung over days!!!!


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nobody deserves...

... BUT me!!! :-(

After I had to take TWO cold showers, some how... a miracle happened and the heater came back from the deads and heated my brother and my father's showers!!!!

I can only think that this is personal ah?!

:-( sighs...

:-P Murphy's Law are well applied in me...

... and in the war with the heater

Well, now the heater is dead!!!! Yeah, you heard me right! He is dead!!! and this means....
The "he" won!!!!

"He" probably killed himself!!!! cause since "he" is dead now I take cold showers!!!!!!!!!!!!

COLD COOOOOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COLD SHOWER!!!!

Today I took two TWO cold showers!!! It's too much! Nobody deservs this!!!

But it's fine... I believe in a high power to bring "him" back to live!!! A magician (plumber :-P) will bring "him" back from the deads!!!!!!

Wait and you'll see!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Today's fortune: Now is the time to try something new

For more strange that this can sound I feel like I am trying something new has already three months!!!

I think I just want something old right now! but somehow... wherever 'old' is that I want or is impossible right now or is some how harder than I though!

:-( sighs... :'(

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Graduation Day!

Ao Pedro II tudo ou nada? TUDO!!!
Entao como eh que eh? TABUADA!!!
3 X 9 27
3 X 7 21
menos 12 ficam 9
menos 8 fica 1
zum zum zum
Pedro II

Today was my brother's graduation day :-D
I am so happy for him!!! It was a very nice cerimony and the speakers spoke ( :-P ) very nicely about how hard it is to move on (and this is for all your life... not only when you finish your high school and start college, but also when you finish college and move on...), the friends that you made, some of them you are going to keep but others you are going to loose touch...

It was nice... and he also studied in CPII so the graduation was in the same place where I had my graduation!!! :-) and yes... I am also an ex-CPII student, so I was emotional also... *blush*

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

killer heater!

This can't be!!!
It's not possible!!!
Nobody deservs!!!!


The heater at my house is crazy and has "murder" feelings...

When I first came back, in December, pay VERY attention, 3 months ago... the heater was very weak... so it never got hot... in fact not even warm, but COLD!!! and I HATE cold shower...
Then now, 3 months later, after some nice warm showers and baths, it went crazy... first after you finally get it in the RIGHT TEMPERATURE it turns off, I mean, is still there on, but the water is FU#@%@% COLD and then when you try to warm up a bit more it BURNS you!!! BURN BURN BURN!
And stays oscilating between cold and burning forever... and when it burns it also does an "exploding" sound!!! :-0

Nobody deservs!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Is this really my future?

... o is it already my present and I am denying it?

I can't say that Cecilia's life is an ecxatelly copy of mine, first cause is not and second cause is too selfish to forget about all the other poor grad people.. sighs...

ok... I just came back of my "jump class" a better class than that crazy "step it up" and I am going to the university...
Hopefully I won't get any rain... I even can see the sun coming ;-)

ai ai...

Monday at the University

So finally I got my computer working... after, what? I don't know... months!!! so they took two weeks and bought some new pieces for it and putting it working!
It's like new!!! :-)
The boys did a good job, but probably they hate me now, hihihi... after so manys "can you fix this? can you fix that? this is still not working :-( "
But now is working and seems really good!!!

So, today I finally went to work at UERJ, and I brought to my blog a view (no, is not the view of my office, sighs) from the university... Is the view that I have from one of the ends next to my department... and btw, is at this balcony that I talk by phone with my love... "ai ai...."

So... let's see till when I will still be happy at my office ;-)
Nice week for all of us!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

caffeine addicted

ok... sighs...
It took me a long time to admit this, but... I AM ADDICTED TO CAFFEINE!!!

First was the soda... I couldn't live without coke... then I passed to the strongest tea that I found... and since tea has not enogh caffeine I needed to bags of tea at the same time and drinking it the whole day... so I came back for the coke...

Then I came back to Rio and changed the coke to guarana... that also has not enough caffeine so I needed to drink the whole day intercaling with tea.... (not to hot here... :-P )

Now finally I decided to cut the soda out! and... I've been drinking coffe almost everyday (except when I try out a soda again... :-S ), and cold chocolate and cold tea/mate...

Do caffeine fanatic have cure? :-P
Or should I ba happy that at least in Brazil I have good coffe ;-)

sighs... my grad life...

One day...
one day, MAYBE...
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