Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My other zen corner

Hello lovelies!

How are you doing?
Hope you are all having a lovely week, even though it is a quite gray one for us at NL.

This week will be a bit different from usual... and will soon become my new ususal... This thursday I will be back to work... Yeah... sleepless nights and double working days, without counting the fact that I will be missing the little one so f*&@ much!

Anyway... I can only "keep calm and carry on"... right!?
And... talking about this, here it goes another bit of my house that I think you didn't know... this ( http://www.etsy.com/listing/79926705/beautiful-crocheted-halloween-beanie-hat ) is not my only zen corner... in fact, I have three! And today I am sharing with you the one in my room!

Lovely, isn't it? :-)
This is my meditation corner... except for the fact that I haven't been meditating, I always get calmer when I look at it! (perfect for this week ah? ;-) )

Today this corner gained a new addition, the mecitation girl with an incense was a late birthday gift from my brother! So lovely! :-)

Well, I will leave with wishs of a lovely week to us all!


Ola meus amores!
Como esta indo a semana de vcs?
Espero que esteja tudo bem, muito embora essa seja uma semana cinza para a galera aqui na Holnda... (clima idiota!)

Nesta semana tudo vai mudar... eu volto a trabalhar... sim, noites mal dormidas e trabalho e dobro pelo dia... sem contar a saudade que eu vou estar sentindo do meu filhote durante o dia... :-(

De qq maneira... o geito eh manter a calma e seguir em frente, ne nao?!
E por falar em seguir em frente, eu hj vou dividir com vcs um cantinho zen aqui de casa...
Ah eh... vc nao sabia, mas esse aqui ( http://www.etsy.com/listing/79926705/beautiful-crocheted-halloween-beanie-hat ) nao eh o unico canto zen daui de casa... na verdade eu tenh tres.... hj eu vou mostrar o do meu quarto! Fofura ne?! :-)

Alias, hj esse cantinho recebeu uma nova adicao... a escultura em pose de lotus com o incenco foi um presente tardio do meu irmao pelo meu aniversario! Tao fofo! :-)

Bom, me vou... com desejos de uma otima semana para todos nos!


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  1. Wherever did u find a pink buddha???? wow!.. Love that meditation girl- wouldn't mind having one!

  2. :-)
    Right!? ;-)
    There is a store, here in NL, called bloker, and at some point they had budhas of all colors!
    I have this pink one, the green one, and a blue one too! :-)



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