Monday, April 19, 2010

Lovely Etsy of the day!

Hot Pink Monster Book Journal

... because pink makes me happy! :-)
And because I love journals! I just LOVE to write!

Can you believe it? I keep this blog (for over 5 years, and I had two other blogs in between, when fotolog was the thing to do), the flickr page, the twitter page and I still have time to fill up uncountable amount of journals, notebooks, scrapbooks and drawing-books.

And you?
... porquê rosa me deixa feliz! :-)
E porque eu amo journals (tipo diário). Eu simplesmente AMO escrever!

Vc acredita? Que eu mantenho esse blog (já fazem 5 anos, e durante esse tempo eu tive outros dois blogs, quando fotolog era da hora), a minha página do flickr, o twitter e mais incontáveis quantidades de notebooks, scrapbooks e cadernos de desenho.

E vc?


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